There are a lot of outcomes that could happen, but Tess gives voice to only one of them. She is unequivocal in saying: we're manifesting exactly what we want to happen, and we are powerful because we say we are. It is entering a higher place in the universe where you can direct Divine energy.

June and Jon, in a sea of happiness.

One of the things that I think sets Tess apart from everyone else who does some sort of channeling of energy is how laser focused she is. It’s not just a general goodwill prayer of healing energy. It’s extremely focused work that relies heavily on science. I think that’s really unique, and speaks to the success she experiences with the people she works with. Another difference is that she’s working with and through people: family, caregivers, healthcare workers. She’s able to remove any barriers of fear or doubt or anger that might block the energy from working through people or going where it needs to go. 

We don’t know for sure how any story is going to end, but her capacity to begin by envisioning a clear path to an absolute positive outcome, and to maintain that goal and navigate toward it throughout the process, is such a gift. She holds that space, what we called the field of miracles in my group, where love is the driving force and optimism becomes easier to imagine, believe and embody. The truth is, there are a lot of outcomes that could happen, but only one of them is the one she gives voice to. She is unequivocal in saying: we’re making a definitive decision, we are manifesting exactly what we want to happen, this is absolutely going to work, and we are powerful because we say we are. It is entering into a higher place in the universe where you can direct Divine energy. I know that for me and everyone else, having that clarity feels empowering. And even in the worst-case scenario, if it doesn’t end the way we hope it will, making that decision as a starting point is always going to be the only option. Even if we don’t get it, you have to start from a place of being clear about what you want, and the gift of taking that journey is worth everything. Tess can’t guarantee the outcome, but she can guarantee a journey where everyone heals in some way. And in these frightening situations, there could be nothing better you could do for yourself. That, I think, is essential because of course there’s fear and anger and frustration. Her work allows us to decide how we want to manage that, and we do it by overriding the emotions. It gives people an opportunity to anchor onto something that’s not fear. 

Tess and I would speak before the group met, and she asked me specifically what was going on medically, which had nothing to do with my feelings. She was gathering information to be able to channel very specific healing energy, and that’s different from what I think other people are doing. It gave me an opportunity to also channel my own thoughts very specifically around what the exact issue was. As emotional beings, we can get derailed from that, and then everything gets fuzzy and messy and we lose our capacity to be able to funnel the energy because it’s dissipated with fear, with terror, with trauma. Tess has a capacity to direct attention on what needs to be focused on. And it helps stop the cycle of worry and panic. And again, it’s so laser focused, it feels like you’re going in there with a scalpel. I felt like I would get an understanding of what the doctors or surgeons were going to do, and then Tess would take it and put light into a scalpel and shine that light in the areas that needed very clear healing. 

The conversations with the medical team also created a different kind of connection. I was able to ask more detailed questions that came from a place of love instead of fear or judgment. They never got the sense that I was questioning their expertise, rather I was trying to understand in more depth what they were going to be doing. This gathering of information is for the purpose of directing the energy, but it also creates an opportunity to have enriched conversations with the caretakers and physicians. And I think that allowed us to share a different level of respect with each other. 

I also want to say this to potential clients: I’ve never, ever felt that level of love. Never. It’s a little embarrassing to say considering how loved I am, but I’ve just never experienced love at that depth. We created a group where everybody took the handshake. We silently agreed that no one would show up in this space with anything other than the loving kindness Tess had established immediately. It was the most dire and potentially life-altering event in my life, and instead of feeling isolated, I felt supported beyond what I thought was possible. At this most critical place in my life when I might have otherwise felt untethered, Tess provided a roadmap. I feel strongly that if what had happened for us instead was the worst outcome we could imagine, I don’t think for one minute I would have felt any regret having gone through the process. And I can’t imagine anyone who works with Tess will feel any differently. Instead, they will feel blessed to have had the journey of doing everything they could from a place of higher energy and connection. 

There’s one last point I want to make about the work Tess does. Other than this detailed, focused work on the medical issue at hand, she also works on a different plane. My husband Jon was in a medically-induced coma, and Tess reached him in a different realm. She connected with him in the in-between world and understood he had a need to escape from what was happening to him physically. For example, there were times where Tess would say, “We’re going to get Jon out of the hospital today and go on an adventure.” We took him to the ocean; we took him to a rainforest. And those adventures were so rich, he experienced them. 

She was able to have some level of communication to provide him with what he needed in order to be able to endure and heal. I know that’s true because when he began to be able to communicate, there were some things he talked about that were completely aligned with whatever that communication they were having in the in-between world. He got it.

Whatever happened between Jon and Tess had nothing to do with me. She and I had our communication, but then there’s this other place where they were communicating. This is absolutely her gift. She has this power to move through forces that we can’t understand to be able to connect. And on top of that, be able to do very intricate healing work that I knew was reaching Jon. It was undeniable. Those are two separate things that she offers, and it’s important to differentiate them. We had a process of me talking with the doctors and getting her information so we could be specific in directing our energy, but then, above and beyond that, was another whole layer of deeper work that she was doing with Jon.