Through the years I have been invited many times to lend energy to a healing space created by Tess, and it has always been a large blessing to do so.


Through the years I have been invited many times to lend energy to a healing space created by Tess, and it has always been a large blessing to do so. I have been a part of groups supporting a nervous mother giving birth to twins, a friend undergoing multiple rounds of chemotherapy, a young man auditioning for an important career opportunity, and other friends undergoing various surgeries.

In one of the groups I was a part of, Tess designed and led a prayer circle for a friend, Hector, who had been falsely incarcerated for murder. When Hector called to tell us of a hearing that had been scheduled for his case on July 19th, 2022, he did so with shock and excitement. I told him he would be coming home after the hearing. He explained that that is not the way it worked. He was just seeking a new trial. I explained that the group led by Tess was praying and projecting freedom and healing for him. Our belief was he was coming home and claiming freedom.

His attorney called me stating that the idea of him being released that day would not happen. I explained the work we were doing with Tess, and that the group was supporting a different outcome. She then understood that we had different roles in his journey. He came home the following day. A great celebration of gratitude commenced!

 Another friend, Jacob, was faced with the daunting reality of cancer in his sinus. Jacob asked Tess to create a group meditation focusing on the release of the tumor. Two teams of doctors were ready and focused on their jobs. One to open and remove the tumor, the next to close and perform the plastic surgery to reduce the outward damage from the surgery. When the head surgeon came out only a very short time after the surgery was to begin, the patient’s wife was alarmed. The surgeon shared through a stream of tears that as he was preparing for the first incision, the tumor released itself and came out through Jacob’s nose. He claimed nothing less than a miracle.

 I have experienced many other accounts of healing through the work and facilitation of Tess.  The following is what I see that makes a difference:

  • Her knowledge of medical procedures and anatomy.
  • The extensive research she does to understand the energetic meaning of the area of the body afflicted and its positioning.
  • The way that she enrolls the family and friends of the person in trauma and invites them into the process of healing. It creates a wonderful sense of love, community, and peace.
  • She energetically covers all of the care workers involved or people of authority.
  • Her ability to lead healing sessions with precision and grace.
  • The way she celebrates the best possible outcome for the journey of the soul.

 And so much more . . . .  

If you or a loved one have the need for this type of direction, I encourage you to enroll this gifted and graceful human to be in your corner. You will be blessed!